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Our selection of unisex fragrances to share. Each formula is expressed without taboos, without
limits. Choose the signature that suits you. 
Herod by Parfums de Marly, a universal smoky peppery fragrance for men.Herod Perfume Bottle 125ml


Carlisle by Parfums De Marly, a pleasant aroma of tonka bean, rose, osmanthus and davana.Carlisle Perfume Bottle 125ml


Pegasus by Parfums de Marly, a luxury masculine scent with jasmine, lavender and bitter almond.Pegasus Perfume Bottle 125ml


Kalan by Parfums de Marly, a sparkling peppery scent with notes of blood orange.Kalan Perfume Bottle 125ml


Greenley by Parfums de Marly, a fresh, fruity and woody unisex fragrance.Greenley Perfume Bottle 125ml


Oajan, a perfume with notes of vanilla and tonka bean, with spiced cinnamon.Oajan Perfume Bottle 125ml



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