Discover the Delina collection.
3 iconic fragrances.
3 contemporary takes on the classical rose.
3 ways to reveal one’s femininity.
Delina, by Parfums de Marly


An iconic, addictive scent with notes of rose and lychee.
For an elegant woman with a facetted personality.

Top notes
Rhubard, lychee, bergamot essence

Heart notes
Damascena rose, peony, vanilla

Base notes
Musk, cashmeran, vetiver


Freshness paired with delicate notes of rose and water flowers.

Top notes
Lychee, pear, bergamot essence

Heart notes
Damascena rose, peony, transparent flowers

Base notes
Soft wood, white musk, vetiver

Delina & Delina La Rosée – How different?
Delina La Rosée interprets the iconic trail of Delina in a fresher way, with a watery signature evoking a dewy rose. The perfect scent to wear in the morning or for summer.

Delina La Rosee, by Parfums de Marly


A sophisticated floral elixir with captivating notes of rose and incense.

Top Notes
Pear, lychee, grapefruit

Heart Notes
Damascena rose, incense, vetiver

Base Notes
Vanilla, musk, evernyl

Delina & Delina Exclusif – How different?
In Delina Exclusif, the emblematic rose of Delina is more intense and reveals ambery factes. An evening rose full of mystery and charm.

Find your delina

Delina Exclusif by Parfums de Marly, a sensual feminine scent of Turkish rose.Delina Exclusif Perfume Bottle 75ml


Delina, the best-selling Parfums de Marly women's fragrance.Delina Perfume Bottle 75ml


Delina La Rosee by Parfums de Marly, a delicate young fragrance for women.Delina La Rosee Bottle 75ml


"Delina was an instant success. A fragrant encounter. The modernity of this floral scent was the obvious choice.”

Julien Sprecher
The Inspiration


Refinement and empowerment

The Delina collection is a celebration of women of today, inspired by the role models of the court of Louis XV, an era dear to Julien Sprecher.

Figures of elegance and influence, esthetes and benefactors, blending tradition and free thought.


Rosa damascena

One of the most noble flowers of perfumery, the damascena rose selected by Parfums de Marly is grown in Turkey, in the region of Isparta. The roses are hand-picked and transformed by steam distillation. 1 million of flowers are needed to make just 1 kilo of essence. It brings to the Delina collection its unique signature - fresh, floral, with an infinity of facets.

Contemporary compositions

The Delina collection boasts short formulas blending noble natural ingredients and innovative molecules. Exceptionally long-lasting fragrances that reveal unexpected facets of the rose.

The Savoir-Faire

Discover the body line

Endless possibilities to extend one's signature trail.
Delina Body Line collection


In the 18th Century in France, selfcare was reinvented.
King Louis XV had luxurious bathrooms built in his favorite royal residences.

In the Château de Marly, the royal estate dedicated to refinement and leisure, a whole building was devoted to bath and wellbeing: the Pavillon des Bains.

An art of selfcare that inspires the contemporary beauty ritual of Parfums de Marly.


Delina Body Cream by Parfums de Marly, moisturizes and hydrates the skin with a scent of rose.Delina Body Cream Bottle 200ml
Delina Hair Mist by Parfums de Marly, a heavenly floral scent for your hair.Delina Hair Mist 75ml

Delina - a contemporary ode to femininity